(2012) – Gifs & Internet trash

A project by Martial Geoffre-Rouland and Benjamin Gaulon, based on Corrupt a web based Glitch Art Software allowing its user to upload and share corrupted images on www.corrupt.recyclism.com.

YouGlitch is a website where the Corrupted GIFs created with Corrupt.Video are displayed.

The Software (Corrupt.Video) allows its users to glitch videos stored on their computer, videos from their webcam or their desktop in realtime. When a clip is recorded, a 10 seconds video and an animated GIF are saved locally and automatically uploaded touglitch.com

Glitch for desktop is available here if you want to invade some apple store :http://www.graffitiresearchlab.fr/?portfolio=corrupt-desktop

Soure code here.

2014 – Belfort, Eurockéénes
2014 – Chicago, Glitch Festival
2014 – Galerie Arko, Exhibition
2014 – Amsterdam, Glitch Festival
2014 – Maison Pop, Montreuil
2015 – Museum of Contemporary Art of Dublin, (Imoca)
2011 – Vasarely Foundation, Festival Gamerz

Concept & idea: Benjamin Gaulon
Software : Martial Geoffre-Rouland