(2020) – stylegan2, machine learning

Machine learning meets music and Street View imagery

The Never-Ending Journey is a machine learning experiment from the Google Arts & Culture Lab that aims to connect us with the places we know and love, and those we've yet to explore. This series of computer-generated, surrealist-inspired, dreamscapes explores three iconic locations: France, Italy and Spain.

The experiment uses a Generative Adversarial Network, NVIDIA StyleGAN2, trained on thousands of images from famous landmarks and locations in each country.

Using Google Maps and Street View data, we created imaginary round-trips between iconic landmarks in each country, generating thousands of images from a never-ending hallucinated walk.

We combined this data with creative-commons photographs of famous landmarks at each stop of our journey. The end result is a dream-like , never-ending visualisation of three destinations, driven by the music from each country.

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With Google Arts & Culture
With extra super help from Yassin Siouda