(2020) – AR + interactivity

La Montagne Magique is an experimental and poetic show carried by the DIY music of Emmanuel Mailly and a film made live from original illustrations manipulated by Elie Blanchard in front of a camera.

From 4 years old.

The studio helped with the developement of custom software for adding layers of interactivity and magic, user augmented reality, sound analysis, computer vision and 3D layers.

2020 – Actually on tour, check facebook for upcoming shows

Illustrations & vidéo manipulation - Elie Blanchard assisté de Hugo Follonier Music - Emmanuel Mailly Interactivity & software - Martial Geoffre-Rouland & Elie Blanchard Motion - Elie Blanchard & Thomas Lanza Lights & electronix - Akwariom, Thibaut Murge & Elie Blanchard Scenography - Marc Gérenton, Emmanuel Mailly & Elie Blanchard