(2018) – C++, DMX, computer vision

Project made for INTEL booth at CES Las Vegas (USA).

A LED tunnel made of 20mm pitch transparent LED panels is mounted onto a wooden structure, counting 320 square feet of LEDs total. People were invited to walk through it and interact with it using their own movements.

The panels were controlled by a controller, which received HDMI input from a PC running custom c++ (openFrameworks) software. Parts of the graphics were also controlled and triggered by 3 Orbbec cameras that were mounted in the ceiling of the tunnel.

A MOTU sound card allowed us to send spatialized audio to 4 speakers installed in the structure.

2019 – CES ( Consumer Electronics Show ), Las Vegas

Production, Design, Writing: Tool of North America
Interactive Directors: Aramique + Jeff Crouse
Creative Technologist: Martial Geoffre-Rouland, Benjamin Petit, Antoine Vanel, Lars Berg, Richard Mattka, Ivan Safrin, Jeff Crouse
Art Director: Aramique, Mau Morgo
Experiential Designer: Ryan Hawthorne
3D Content: Bloc D
Industrial Designer: Stevie Nicole Meder
Writers: Aramique, Selcen Onsan
Composer: Gary Gunn
Projection Mapping, Technical Direction: Volvox Labs
Fabrication: Volvox Labs
Fabrication: Stand and Build
BTS Director: Ahmed Hadj amuer, Bolly


2018 – Exhibitor Online, "The Best of CES"
2018 – FWA, "FWA Award"
2018 – Event Marketer, "CES 2018: INTEL’S ‘SUPER HIGHWAY’"
2018 – Seattle Times, "innovations at CES 2018"