(2011) – datavisualisation + video scenography

In collaboration with Danger and Raphaël Siboni, this project has been made during an artist residency at Gaité Lyrique inParis, January 2011.

Guided by the universe Sci-Fi of the seventies, cyberpunk and mangas, this interactive scenography breaks the common rules of VJing and give a rupture between analogic and digital worlds. A black piano is contrasting with the screen in the back of the scene, projecting a visual representation of all the action of the DJ during his set, using an home made software receiving via OSC ( open sound control ) all the informations.

The DJ is controlling himself the installation with a simple midi controller.

2011 – Gaité Lyrique inauguration in Paris, all tour dates

Conception, scenography : Franck Rivoire and Raphaël Siboni
Software : Martial Geoffre-Rouland